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Projekte & Patenschaft: Die Kinder von FUTURE FOR KIDS

Unsere Patenkinder in Rwaza



tl_files/otto/BATAMURIZA Philomene 2011 1.JPG
tl_files/otto/BATAMURIZA Philomene 2011 2.JPG Philomene

tl_files/otto/BENIHIRWE Anitha 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/BENIHIRWE Anitha 2011 1.JPG Anitha

tl_files/otto/BYISHIMO Eric Jean Claude 2011 1.jpg
tl_files/otto/BYISHIMO Eric Jean Claude 2011 2.JPG Eric Jean Claude

tl_files/otto/DUKUZUMUREMYI Patrick 2011 2.JPG
tl_files/otto/DUKUZUMUREMYI Patrick 2011 1.JPG Patrick

tl_files/otto/GASORE Jean de Dieu 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/GASORE Jean de Dieu 2011 2.JPG Gasore
tl_files/otto/GATARE Chris 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/GATARE Chris 2011 1.JPG Chris
tl_files/otto/HABUMUREMYI Jean Pierre 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/HABUMUREMYI Jean Pierre 2011 2.JPG Jean Pierre
tl_files/otto/INGABIRE Gabriella 2011 1.jpg
tl_files/otto/INGABIRE Gabriella 2011 2.jpg
tl_files/otto/IZABAYO Solange 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/IZABAYO Solange 2011 1.JPG Solange
tl_files/otto/IZABAYO Trecy 2011 1.JPG
tl_files/otto/IZABAYO Trecy 2011 2.JPG Trecy

tl_files/otto/KAYITESI Farida Divine 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/KAYITESI Farida Divine 2011 1.JPG Farida Divine
tl_files/otto/MANISHIMWE Tony 2011 1.JPG
tl_files/otto/MANISHIMWE Tony 2011 2.JPG Tony
tl_files/otto/MBARUSHIMANA Marie Jeanne 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/MBARUSHIMANA Marie Jeanne 2011 1.JPG Marie Jeanne

tl_files/otto/MUHAWENIMANA Faina 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/MUHAWENIMANA Faina 2011 2.JPG Faina
tl_files/otto/MUJAWAMARIYA Erica 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/MUJAWAMARIYA Erica 2011 1.JPG Erika
tl_files/otto/MUKAKIMENYI Elisabeth 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/MUKAKIMENYI Elisabeth 2011 2.JPG
tl_files/otto/MUNYANEZA Anastase 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/MUNYANEZA Anastase 2011 1.JPG

tl_files/otto/MUREKATETE Jeanette 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/MUREKATETE Jeanette 2011 2.JPG Jeannette
tl_files/otto/MUSABYIMANA Olive 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/MUSABYIMANA Olive 2011 1.JPG

tl_files/otto/NDAYISHIMIYE Jean Claude 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NDAYISHIMIYE Jean Claude 2011 2.JPG Jean Claude
tl_files/otto/NEZWERWA Oreste 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NEZWERWA Oreste 2011 1.JPG Oreste
tl_files/otto/NIWEMUGENI Gaudiose 2011 1.jpg tl_files/otto/NIWEMUGENI Gaudiose 2011 2.jpg Gaudiose

tl_files/otto/NIYIGENA Marie Grace 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NIYIGENA Marie Grace 2011 1.JPG
Marie Grace
tl_files/otto/NIYIGENA Pacifique 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NIYIGENA Pacifique 2011 2.JPG Pacifique

tl_files/otto/NIYONGABO Alfred 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NIYONGABO Alfred 2011 1.jpg Alfred
tl_files/otto/NYONSENGA Sumaire 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NYONSENGA Sumaire 2011 2.JPG Sumaire
tl_files/otto/NIYOYITY Diane 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NIYOYITY Diane 2011 1.JPG Diane

tl_files/otto/NIZEYIMANA Jophride 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NIZEYIMANA Jophride 2011 2.JPG Jophride
tl_files/otto/NKUNDINEZA Eugenie 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NKUNDINEZA Eugenie 2011 1.JPG Eugenie

Eugenie got married in 2011 and left the MGEC to live her own life ! She has two children.
tl_files/otto/NSHIMIYIMANA John 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NSHIMIYIMANA John 2011 2.JPG John
tl_files/otto/NYANDWI Rene Maxime 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NYANDWI Rene Maxime 2011 1.JPG
Rene Maxime
tl_files/otto/NYINAWUMUNTU Sarah 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NYINAWUMUNTU Sarah 2011 2.JPG Sarah
tl_files/otto/NYIRABAZUNGU Silvie Anualithe 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NYIRABAZUNGU Silvie Anualithe 2011 1.JPG Silvie Annualite
tl_files/otto/NYIRAMAHIRWE Josiane 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/NYIRAMAHIRWE Josiane 2011 2.JPG Josiane
tl_files/otto/NYIRAMUCYO Sandrine 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/NYIRAMUCYO Sandrine 2011 1.JPG Sandrine
tl_files/otto/TURIKUMWENIMANA Jean Bosco 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/TURIKUMWENIMANA Jean Bosco 2011 2.JPG Jean Bosco
tl_files/otto/TUYISUNGE Olive 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/TUYISUNGE Olive 2011 1.JPG Olive
tl_files/otto/TWAGIRAYEZU Jean Damascene 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/TWAGIRAYEZU Jean Damascene 2011 2.JPG Damascene

He has completed his education as a mechanic and lives now outsode the centre on his own.
tl_files/otto/UMUTONI Patience 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/UMUTONI Patience 2011 1.JPG Patience
tl_files/otto/UWAJENEZA Bonane 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/UWAJENEZA Bonane 2011 2.JPG Bonne Anne
tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Bonane Matilda 2.JPG tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Bonane Matilda 1.JPG Bonane Matilda

tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Claudine 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Claudine 2011 2.JPG Claudine
tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Diane 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/UWAMAHORO Diane 2011 1.JPG Diane
tl_files/otto/UWANYIRIGIRA Emma Marie 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/UWANYIRIGIRA Emma Marie 2011 2.JPG Emma Marie
tl_files/otto/UWIMANA Alphonsine 2011 2.JPG tl_files/otto/UWIMANA Alphonsine 2011 1.JPG Alphonsine

tl_files/otto/UWIMANA Claudine 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/UWIMANA Claudine 2011 2.JPG Claudine

tl_files/otto/UWINEZA Clementine 2010 2.JPG tl_files/otto/UWINEZA Clementine 2010 1.JPG Clementine

tl_files/otto/UZABAKIRIHO Peter 2011 1.JPG tl_files/otto/UZABAKIRIHO Peter 2011 2.JPG Peter